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Question: how to search for a strain within the Industrial Yeasts Collection DBVPG?
Answer: go to the DATABASE page and search in one of the following fields: DBVPG number, Species Name, Synonymous, Other International Collections, Received from, Isolation source, Isolation locality, Isolated by / year, Growth temperatures, Other enzymatic and industrial surveys. The DATABASE page also offers the possibility to make multiple searches simultaneously searching across multiple fields using the option and/or.

Question: how to request a strains conserved in the Industrial Yeasts Collection DBVPG? 
Answer: go to the ORDERING CULTURE page and download documents DBVPG MTA form and DBVPG strain request form. Send the completed and signed documents to the attention of the Curator:
Dr. Benedetta Turchetti
Industrial Yeasts Collection DBVPG
Dipartimento di Biologia Applicata
Borgo XX Giugno, 74 I-06121 Perugia, Italy
tel: +39 075585-6487/6455/6070
fax: +390755856470
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Question: how to pay a strain requested to the Industrial Yeasts Collection DBVPG? 
Answer: The payment can be made following the procedures indicated on the Invoice that the Industrial Yeasts Collection DBVPG send to the Person/Institution that has requested the strain.

Question: how to control strains obtained from the Industrial Yeasts Collection DBVPG? 
Answer: you should examine the strain required upon arrival in order to exclude the presence of problems (viability, purity or presence of differing cultural characters). Each strain unsatisfactory in this regard will be replaced upon request within thirty (30) days after dispatch by the Industrial Yeasts Collection DBVPG.


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