DBVPG maintains about 6,000 yeast and yeast-like cultures representing a large percentage of the known species in four separate sections:

Section ONE - Yeasts associated with the alcohol fermentation industry
About 1,300 conserved strains of interest for oenological, brewing and bakery industry. Among them, about 1,100 cultures of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and related species have been taxonomically revised, screened for the presence of killer properties and evaluated for their enological/technological characteristics in microfermentations at laboratory and pilot plant scale.

Section TWO - Yeasts from different environments
About 2,700 cultures isolated from over 300 different environmental and food-associated habitats during 60 years of ecological surveys. These belong to over 400 species of about 90 genera, and are currently the object of large-scale screening surveys for the ability to produce novel molecules of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic interest as well as for the presence of killer proteins.

Section THREE - Type strains and certified yeast cultures from other Collections
Over 1,600 certified cultures obtained through exchanges with other certified culture Collections.

Section FOUR - Strains of yeast-like microorganisms
Over 300 cultures (in particular belonging to the genus Prototheca) from milk and barn-surrounding environmental samples (bedding, feces, drinking or washing water, swabs) of dairy herds from some European countries.