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The main DBVPG objectives are the acquisition, classification, preservation and distribution of cultures of yeast and yeast-like organisms.

All conserved strains have been classified by methods of conventional taxonomy, and the majority of cultures have also been certified by techniques of molecular taxonomy (DNA/DNA reassociation, determination of electrophoretic karyotypes and/or determination of D1/D2 and ITS1 & ITS2 sequences).

The value of a collection depends not only on the quality of the strains, but equally on the amount and accuracy of the data attached to them. Although there are considerable differences among the various taxonomic groups, efforts are taken to increase the amount of information. The available databases allow random information retrieval and give not only access to strain data, but also to literature.

The DBVPG research programs principally focus on the study of taxonomy, biodiversity and biotechnology of yeasts. Besides, DBVPG is a centre of expertise, advising on yeast problems of a scientific or industrial nature. It offers various services including identifications, patent deposits and training courses. Upon request, research projects commissioned by third parties can be carried out on a strictly confidential base.

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