to the DBVPG Collection

   The Industrial Yeasts Collection DBVPG 
    is an academic biological resource centre
   (BRC) affiliated to ECCO (European Culture
   Collection Organization) and WFCC (World
   Federation of Culture Collections). 
   The DBVPG Collection is specialized in
   the study and ex-situ conservation
   of yeasts and yeast-like microorganisms,  
   distributes strains and offers services 
   to the international scientific community
   and to other private Institutions

   "Fungi that asexually reproduce 
   by budding or fission, which 
   results in growth that is 
   comprised mainly of single cells"

    Yeast definition from:
   "The Yeasts. A Taxonomy Study"
   Kurtzman C.P., Fell J.W. & Boekhout T. (eds.)
   Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2011

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